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Pressure Sprayers

Introducing our range of Alta Pressure Sprayers: Engineered to meet your diverse needs, our Pressure Sprayers are the perfect tool for professionals and homeowners alike.

SEMA Online offers a wide range of pressure sprayers to meet the needs of most applications. Our pressure sprayers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. 

ALTA Pressure Sprayer Replacement Parts

Solvent Resistant Pressure Sprayers

These pressure sprayers are made of high impact, resilient, chemical-resistant technical plastics, plus special seals and metal springs that give our compressed air sprayers maximum longevity. Due to their robustness, these products are used in numerous industries and are known as reliable professional tools for classic spraying, producing compact foam, or for use in the food sector.

Benefits of our Pressure Sprayers:

Some of the benefits of using SEMA Online’s pressure sprayers include:

  • Versatile Application Range: Flexibility to tackle a multitude of tasks – whether it’s spraying oils, lubricants, construction release agents, detergents, or descaling agents, our sprayers are up to the task. Whatever your industry, we’ve got you covered.
  • Durable and Dependable: The secret to the Alta Pressure Sprayers’ reliability lies in their construction. Our sprayers feature top-of-the-line seals made from FPM (Viton) and EDPM, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. You can trust our sprayers to handle even the most demanding environments with ease.
  • Liquid Compatibility: Worried about compatibility? Rest assured that our Alta Pressure Sprayers are suitable for most liquids, as long as they respect the plastic parts of the pump. This means you can confidently use them with a variety of solutions while maintaining the longevity of your sprayer. 
  • Easy to Use: Our Pressure Sprayers are designed for effortless operation. Simply pump to build pressure, aim, and spray precisely where you need it. Our ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, even during extended applications.

Whether you’re a professional in need of a reliable tool for your daily tasks or a homeowner looking for a versatile and durable solution, Sema Online’s Alta Pressure Sprayers are your answer. Trust in our commitment to quality, versatility, and dependability.

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Sema Sprayers have been a great partner for our business. Their service is excellent, and they know the industry inside out. Their pressure sprayers are top-notch and have improved our operations. We highly recommend them to other businesses.

Tim R

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pressure sprayers?

Manual pressure sprayers are handheld devices used for spraying liquids, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or cleaning solutions, onto various surfaces. They operate by building up pressure within the sprayer’s tank through manual pumping, usually using a hand pump or a lever. This pressurised tank allows the user to spray the liquid in a controlled manner through a nozzle or wand.

Where are pressure sprayers commonly used?

Manual pressure sprayers are commonly used in gardening, agriculture, landscaping, and cleaning tasks. They are versatile and portable, making them suitable for small to medium-sized applications where a larger, motorized sprayer may not be necessary. These sprayers are relatively simple to use and maintain, making them a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

How do pressure sprayers work?

Manual pressure sprayers work by using a pump to pressurise a container filled with liquid. When you press the trigger or nozzle, the pressurised liquid is sprayed out in the form of a mist or stream, allowing you to apply it precisely where needed. You may need to pump the sprayer occasionally to maintain pressure.

What are the different types of pressure sprayers?

Manual pressure sprayers come in various types, each designed for specific purposes and applications. Here are some common types of manual pressure sprayers:

  • Handheld Pump Sprayers: These are the most common type of manual pressure sprayers. They consist of a handheld container for holding the liquid, a pump mechanism to pressurize the tank, and a nozzle for spraying. They are versatile and can be used for various tasks, from gardening to household cleaning.
  • Backpack/Knapsack Sprayers: Designed to be worn on the user’s back, allowing for more extended and comfortable use. They are commonly used in agriculture and landscaping for spraying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers over larger areas.
  • Foamers: Foamers are a specialised type of manual sprayer designed to create a foam or lather when applying cleaning agents. They are commonly used in car washes, commercial kitchens, and sanitation applications.
  • Trolley or Wheeled Sprayers: These sprayers are larger and mounted on wheels or a trolley, making them suitable for commercial and agricultural applications where mobility is essential. They can carry a larger volume of liquid and cover more significant areas.

        What are the advantages of using a manual pressure sprayer? 

        • Portability: Pressure sprayers are typically lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and move around.
        • No Power Source Required: Unlike electric powered sprayers, manual pressure sprayers don’t require electricity or fuel.
        • Cost-Effective: Manual sprayers are generally more affordable than their powered counterparts, making them an economical choice for homeowners and small-scale applications.
        • Precise Control: Pressure sprayers allow for precise control over the spray pattern and volume, making them suitable for tasks that require accuracy.
        • Ease of Maintenance: They are relatively simple to maintain, with fewer components that can break or malfunction. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication are usually all that’s needed. 
        • Versatility: Manual sprayers can handle a wide range of liquids, from pesticides to cleaning solutions, as long as they are compatible with the materials used in the sprayer.
        • Environmental Friendliness: They produce no emissions and have a lower environmental impact compared to powered sprayers, making them a greener choice.
        • Quiet Operation: Manual sprayers operate quietly, which is useful when working in residential areas or noise-sensitive environments.
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