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There are many uses for taps and many containers with different fittings. Some containers have an external thread to suit a cap while others have an internal thread to suit a bung. We have both taps fitted with caps from 38mm to 71mm and taps with external ¾” BSP, 2” BSP, 56 x 4 Buttress and 70 x 6 Buttress threads.

Dispensing tap benefits

Some of the benefits of using SEMA Online dispensing taps include:

  • Easy, fast and clean dispensing without gurgling
  • Available for all standard thread sizes
  • Smooth moving lever for easy operability
  • Resistance to a multitude of chemicals
  • Declaration of Food Conformity
  • Have a high impermeability even with aggressive chemicals and strongly seeping liquids.

Our Dispensing Taps are suitable for all containers – bottles, canisters, drums and IBC’s – with an external thread ranging from DIN 38 to DIN 71

The outstanding flow properties are based on the unique ventilation system. This allows our Dispensing Taps to deliver a flow rate of 1.5 L / min at the minimum and a maximum flow rate of 5 L / min.

If you are looking for a hygienic, convenient, and energy-efficient way to dispense liquids, then SEMA’s dispensing taps are the perfect solution.

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Buying dispensing taps in bulk from SEMA Online was an absolute game-changer for our business. Everything exceeded our expectations, from the ease of the purchasing process to the speedy delivery. Most importantly, the taps’ quality is exceptional — they’re durable, easy to use, and have zero leakage issues. Customer service was also very responsive and made the whole experience hassle-free. If you’re in the market for dispensing taps, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Sarah T

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tap dispenser?

A tap dispenser, also known as a tap cap, is a device used to dispense liquids from a container in a controlled and convenient manner. It typically consists of a spout or nozzle attached to a container, along with a lever, knob, or handle that allows users to control the flow of the liquid.

What types of liquids can be dispensed with a tap dispenser?

Tap dispensers are versatile and can be used to dispense various liquids, including water, beverages (such as juice or wine), cleaning solutions, soap, and even industrial fluids like oils and chemicals. The type of dispenser may vary depending on the intended liquid.

What are the different types of dispensing taps?

Non-venting and Self-venting Taps – When dispensing through a tap, the container needs to be ‘vented’ – air needs to get into the container – otherwise a vacuum will be created and the product will ‘glug’ out or be difficult to dispense. Often with the larger containers, there are two bungs opposite each other and when a tap is fitted to the one, the other can be opened to let the air in. With smaller containers or those with only one opening, you will need a self-venting tap. This lets air in at the same time as dispensing the liquid/chemical.

Where are tap dispensers commonly used?

Tap dispensers find applications in both domestic and commercial settings. They are commonly found in homes for dispensing water from water coolers or beverage dispensers. In commercial environments, tap dispensers are used in restaurants, bars, hotels, laboratories, factories, and healthcare facilities for various liquid dispensing needs.

How do tap dispensers work?

Tap dispensers typically work by opening or closing a valve mechanism, allowing liquid to flow or stopping it. Users can operate the dispenser by turning a handle, pressing a lever, or pushing a button, depending on the design. When the valve is open, liquid flows out through the spout, and when it’s closed, the flow is stopped.

What are the advantages of using a tap dispenser?
  • Hygiene: Tap dispensers promote hygiene as they minimize contact with the liquid, reducing the risk of contamination. 
  • Portion Control: They enable precise control over the amount of liquid dispensed, preventing waste
  • Convenience: Tap dispensers make it easy to access and dispense liquids quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced Spillage: They minimize spillage, especially when dispensing liquids from large containers.

Are tap dispensers easy to install and maintain?

Installation and maintenance depend on the specific dispenser type. Some are simple to install and maintain, while others may require professional installation and regular servicing. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation and maintenance.

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