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Syphon Pumps & Adaptors

Syphon Pumps and Adaptors by Sema Online is your go-to destination for high-quality fluid transfer solutions. Whether you’re dealing with small-scale applications or need robust options for larger volumes, our curated selection of syphon pumps and adaptors is designed to meet various chemical dispensing needs. With products featuring ease of use, reliability, and compatibility with various container sizes, we ensure you find the perfect fit for efficient and safe fluid handling. Explore our offerings to enhance your fluid transfer processes with precision and ease.

If you need to dispense out of larger containers (20 to 210 litres), we can supply:

  • Syphon pumps – which once primed, will dispense the chemical from a higher source with effortless delivery
  • Transfer pumps – these dispense a regular dose per actuation of the pump
  • Drum pump adaptors – there are many different thread forms on chemical drums, with finer threads normally on the metal drums and coarser threads on the plastic drums. We have a selection of adapters to suit the most popular threads.

Technical Specifications

Our syphon pumps and adaptors are designed with precision, featuring robust materials that ensure durability and chemical resistance. Specifications include variable flow rates to accommodate different fluid transfer needs, compatibility with a wide range of liquid types, and adaptable fittings for containers ranging from small bottles to large barrels. Each product is engineered for optimal performance, with user-friendly designs for easy maintenance and cleaning.


These products are versatile tools suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including automotive maintenance, agricultural operations, industrial fluid handling, and domestic water management. They are ideal for transferring fuels, oils, solvents, water, and various chemicals, providing solutions for efficiently managing liquids in garages, farms, factories, and homes.


Choosing our syphon pumps and adaptors brings multiple benefits: enhanced safety through reduced spillage and exposure to harmful chemicals, improved efficiency with fast and controlled fluid transfer, and the convenience of portable, easy-to-use tools that require no electricity. These benefits make our products essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, ensuring reliable and effective fluid management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a pump and a syphon?
A pump moves fluids by mechanical action, requiring energy input, such as electricity or manual effort, to operate. A syphon, on the other hand, utilizes gravity and atmospheric pressure to move liquid from a higher elevation to a lower one without the need for external energy, relying on the continuous flow once initiated.

Q. How do you make a syphon pump?
Creating a syphon pump involves assembling a tube that can be manually operated to initiate the fluid transfer. You’ll need a length of flexible tubing and a mechanism, such as a bulb or a hand pump, to create suction. By placing one end of the tube in the fluid and using the pump to start the flow, you can move liquid from one container to another.

Q. How do you use a manual syphon pump?
To use a manual syphon pump, insert the input tube into the liquid you wish to transfer and the output tube into the receiving container. Pump the handle or squeeze the bulb to start the liquid flowing. Once the flow begins, it will continue until the liquid is transferred or the pump is stopped.

Q.  What is the syphon effect of a pump?
The syphon effect in a pump refers to the ability of the pump to move liquid over an elevation point without continuous pumping after initial priming. This is achieved by creating a vacuum that allows atmospheric pressure to push the liquid through the pump and tubing, utilizing gravity to maintain the flow once it has started.
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