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AM-B 2” BSP Drum Adaptor


  • Converts plastic containers with an ‘internal or ‘female’, “Mauser” 70 x 6 Buttress Thread to a 2″BSP ‘internal’ thread
  • Most drum pumps and large syphon pumps have a male 2″ BSP thread, to screw into steel drums. Plastic drums have a more coarse thread form and so an adapter is required to convert the thread to 2″BSP


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  • Polypropylene


What is the thread size/fitting on my drum?

Steel containers generally have a 3/4″ and/or 2″BSP (British Standard Pipe) or fine thread. It is very difficult to produce plastic containers with such a fine thread and so they have more coarse threads. The two most common plastic threads are a 56 x 4 Buttress Thread and the more coarser 70 x 6 Buttress Thread. Most drum pumps will have a ‘standard’ 2” BSP thread and so we supply Drum Adapters to suit both of the Buttress threads above. Containers can have Internal (Female) threads (as above) or External (Male) threads which are sealed with a cap. You can still use a drum pump on these threads with our External Thread Adapter (see Drum Pumps & Adapters).

Additional information

Internal Connection

Internal ‘female’ thread form is 2″ BSP

External Connection

The External ‘male’ thread form is known as 70 x 6TS


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