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F1 3/4″ BSP External Thread Non-Venting Drum Tap

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3/4” BSP External Thread Drum Tap - Non-Venting

3/4″ BSP External Thread drum tap constructed from polyethylene, giving it a wide chemical compatibility.


  • Has a fast, smooth flow, making it easy to use
  • Is of a high-quality construction, for durability and a longer life
  • Is made from polyethylene, giving it broad chemical compatibility
  • Only needs a quarter turn to be opened or closed, ensuring ease of use


  •  Suitable for use with most acids and alkaline's


  • Made from polyethylene


What are Non-venting and Self-venting Taps? When dispensing through a tap, the container needs to be ‘vented’ – air needs to get into the container – otherwise a vacuum will be created and the product will ‘glug’ out or be difficult to dispense. Often with the larger containers, there are two bungs opposite each other and when a tap is fitted to the one, the other can be opened to let the air in. With smaller containers or those with only one opening, you will need a self-venting tap. This lets air in at the same time as dispensing the chemical.


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3/4″ BSP thread


x1 (£2.95 each), x5 (£2.90 each), x10 (£2.80 each), x25 (£2.70 each), x50 (£2.60 each), x100 (£2.50 each)


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