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Model D30H-38 Hybrid Dispenser Pump


A vertical ‘cost effective’ pump mechanism
Screw neck thread
Range of spray patterns
Choice of colours


30ml dosage as standard
38mm cap as standard
450mm dip tube
Height above cap: 117mm


Hand cleaners
Beaded soaps
Moisturising cream
Catering ketchup and sauces


Upper ball valve, head, plunger, collar, cap, body, securing spring: polypropylene
Suction pipe, flap valve: LDPE
Spring: stainless steel

We can advise as to whether our finger sprayers are suitable for use with general chemical components, but recommend you carry out trials to ensure compatibility with your own formulation.


Why do I need a Wide Suction Pipe?

Generally speaking, the more viscous (thick) the product, the larger the diameter of the suction pipe needs to be in order to minimise the effort required to draw it into the chamber of the pump. A wider suction pipe will not draw liquid up quicker – with less viscous (thin) products, a thinner suction pipe is better.